The name Swarovski® has stood for imagination, art and technical know-how for more than 100 years. Its passion for perfection and continuous innovation makes Swarovski® the world leader in the production of precision-cut crystals. Swarovski® makes us dream of a world full of colours and light, full of beauty and luxury. This is precisely the atmosphere that we wish to express in our interiors. We want to capture the elusive light and hold it for a moment before we release it in all its brilliance. With this wish and thought in mind, we have developed the exclusive wall decoration ‘JEWEL’ made with Swarovski Elements.

Originally the idea of integrating precision-cut crystals in a liquid medium seemed to be very unlikely, but Boss Paints and Design by Penanc has realised the impossible. ‘JEWEL’ made with Swarovski Elements is an enchanting piece of art that is composed of millions of specimens of the world’s finest loose cut crystals. This exclusive wall decoration can only be applied by a very small number of authorised licence holders, selected for their craftsmanship.

‘JEWEL’ is a crown jewel with no less than half a million Swarovski Elements per square metre. Every minute crystal shows the typical conic shape with uncountable facets on all sides. The crystals are embedded in a transparent binder that provides protection without influencing the reflection. Each crystal element reflects the light from its own angle and fractures it in every colour of the rainbow. This inexhaustible variety of colours, effects, shapes and sizes offers a fabulous palette that you can enjoy in your own home.

The type of light is of the utmost importance for the atmosphere and the sensation that you wish to create. ‘JEWEL’ made with Swarovski Elements can exude a warm golden glow or it can give the impression of a snow white landscape, depending on the light source. The pleasant and lively effect of crystals is not, however, limited to the intensity of light. The mere presence of crystals adds energetic balance to a room and creates a feeling of harmony and vitality in your environment.

‘JEWEL’ made with Swarovski Elements is extremely durable and preserves its undiminished brilliance for a lifetime.



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